You can find on this page the Seoul tourist map to print and to download in PDF. The Seoul tourist attractions map presents the monuments, museums, parks and points of interest of Seoul in South Korea.

Seoul tourist map

Map of Seoul points of interest

The Seoul sightseeing map shows all tourist places and points of interest of Seoul. This tourist attractions map of Seoul will allow you to easily plan your visits of landmarks of Seoul in South Korea. The Seoul tourist map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Because Seoul is the capital of Korea, and sees the most visitors, it has its own tourist board known as the Seoul Tourism Organization as its mentioned in Seoul tourist map. Seoul also runs information centers, and even has mobile guides stationed in Myeongdong. The Seoul Tourism Organization operates the itourseoul site.

Seoul, South Korea is a vibrant and exciting city, one that deftly combines ancient history with ultra-modern design and technology. The city is filled with a wide range of tourist attractions of all types as you can see in Seoul tourist map, from outdoor adventures like exploring Mount Namsan and its surrounding park to indoor fun like visiting one of Seoul many museums.

Seoul offers an intoxicating mix of old and new. Seoul is also a city of palaces as its shown in Seoul tourist map, with five huge palace complexes located throughout the city and now restored to their former glory. Of course Seoul is also known for its food, with a mouthwatering array of street food, Korean specialties like barbecue, and fine-dining options one of the best things to do for tourists.

Seoul attractions map

Map of Seoul tourist places

The Seoul attractions map shows the main monuments, museums and parks of Seoul. This tourist places map of Seoul will allow you to easily plan your visits of tourist attractions of Seoul in South Korea. The Seoul attractions map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Seoul is home to over 100 museums as you can see in Seoul attractions map, including three national and nine official municipal museums. The National Museum of Korea is the most representative of museums in not only Seoul but all of South Korea. The Seoul Museum of Art and Ilmin Museum of Art have preserved the appearance of the old building that is visually unique attraction from the neighboring tall, modern buildings. The Myeongdong Cathedral is a landmark of the Myeongdong district and the biggest Catholic church established in Korea. It is a symbol of Christianity in Korea.

Major modern landmarks and attractions in Seoul include the Korea Finance Building, N Seoul Tower, the World Trade Center and the seven-skyscraper residence Tower Palace as its mentioned in Seoul attractions map. These and various high-rise office buildings, like the Gangnam Finance Center and Jongno Tower, dominate Seoul skyline. Due to its high density, Seoul has a vast array of skyscrapers; the city council is now planning a series of new highrises, including a 640-meter business center in Sangam Digital Media City district and the 523-meter Lotte World 2 Tower in the Jamsil district of Songpa-gu and Gangdong-gu.

Seoul has many historical and cultural attractions and landmarks. In Amsa-dong Preshistoric Settlement Site, Gangdong-gu, neolithic as its shown in Seoul attractions map remains were excavated and accidentally discovered by a flood in 1925. Urban and civil planning was a key concept when Seoul was first designed to serve as a capital in the late 14th century. The Joseon Dynasty built "Five Grand Palaces" in Seoul: Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung and Gyeonghuigung, all of which are located in the district of Jongno-gu and Jung-gu.

Seoul zoo map

Map of Seoul zoo park

The Seoul zoo map shows recommended tours of the Seoul Zoological Park. This zoo map of Seoul will allow you to easily find out where each animal is and where to picnic in the Zoological Park of Seoul in South Korea. The Seoul zoo map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Opened May 1st, 1984, Seoul Zoo is a sub-organization of Seoul Grand Park, playing a role of exhibition, conservation, education, and research for 2,700 animals from 332 species at 29 animals farms on a 2,420 square kilometer area of zoological and botanical gardens as you can see in Seoul zoo map. Annually, about 3.5 million people visit Seoul Zoo.

Seoul Zoo aims to provide an ideal environment for animals to grow and live as well as exhibit, preserve, and research rare animals and educate the public. As a result of the zoo's hard work and efforts, it is the only zoo in Korea to be certified as a member of both ISIS and IUDZG-WZO (see Seoul zoo map).

Seoul Zoo, designated as an institution for the preservation of endangered species as well as a role of their natural habitats, conducts research on breeding management and proliferation, and the release of endangered species into the wild. Seoul zoo plays the role of a ‘Noah’s Ark’ that returns endangered wild animals to the wild in the event that they become extinct in their natural wildlife habitats. It is engaged in research on wildcats, otters, spoonbills, doves, freshwater tortoise, and Korean golden frogs as its mentioned in Seoul zoo map.